Bathing Services


  • Small Dog (29lbs & under): $30
  • Medium Dog (30-59lbs): $35
  • Large Dog (60-89lbs): $40
  • X-Large Dog (90lbs+): $45
  • Cats: $35

We offer bathing services for the pets boarding with us. Your pet is bathed in a state-of-the-art grooming tub with a walk-up ramp. We have a variety of specialty shampoos that are formulated for your pet’s specific coat type and have two different drying options for your pet. We offer standard cage dryers that blow air over your pet and for those pets with long hair, we have a forced air dryer which allows us to target that long hair and get it dry much faster than usual. Your pet is always bathed the morning of pick-up and bedding is washed at no additional charge to you! Your pet will come home smelling fresh and so will their bedding.

You can also choose to bundle a nail trim, ear cleaning and/or specialty natural flea & tick shampoo to the bath service.

Nail Trim

We offer nail trims as an ala carte option or as an add-on to a bathing service. We do cat and dog nail trims! $20

Ear Cleaning

Does your pet have frequent ear issues or long ear hair that traps debris? We offer an ear cleaning service where we will gently clean out your pet’s ears using a specialty ear cleaner formulated for pets to help keep their ears clean and healthy. This can be selected as an ala carte option or an add-on to a bathing service. $15

Bathing Services